The Auya Story.


I'd like to tell you a story about my sister, Kristi. Kristi is an overachieving badass. She is a CPA (boring!), a competitive athlete and the type of Pinterest worthy mom that you both envy and curse for setting the bar so high. 

In 2015, after a 3 years as a nationally competitive Crossfit athlete, Kristi began training as an Olympic Weightlifter, by April of 2017, she had risen to the top of the sport, winning gold at the World Masters Games. And while as impressive as those accolades were they were very much earned through blood sweat and tears. Those accomplishments came from countless hours of getting up at 4am to train before the kids woke up, planning vacations and trips around the locations of adequate gym facilities, living in gym clothes and juggling mom duties with career and training sessions.

And while that all sounds impressive, what many didn't know was there was something else driving Kristi. She, like so many smart, independent driven women had been at war with depression and anxiety. On top of career and life stresses, in 2014 her daughter was diagnosed with Autism and this new reality sent her and her husband's world whirling. Despite all of this Kristi showed up every day proving to the world and her daughters that with perseverance and grit you can accomplish anything.

Now here we are in 2018 and Kristi invited me to join her on a wild adventure; creating a company and a community of goal getters, purveyors of positivity and life adventurists who champion the journey and support each other. A company that celebrates all human uniqueness, embraces the struggle, appreciates wins, and learns from every failure. 

The goal was to support this mission through a line of performance clothing and killer swag. In the future we plan to host pop up community workouts where humans of all ages, performance levels and ability are invited to raise heart rates and heart beats and most importantly, raise funds for autism research and awareness. 

But what about the name...what does it mean? Well, it's made up, but it is rich with meaning. The "AU" was inspired by the wonderful people of the world who live with autism. The "YA" is a confident, positive and affirming exclamation. Combined, "Auya" is all about the fist pumping, high-fiving, bear hug your soul gives your heart when you do something that makes yourself proud.

Here's to the Auya moments! The moment you went from unsure to confident warrior. The moment you decided to go for it anyway despite the noise and naysayers. The moment you embraced your own unique flavor of crazy. The moment you leaped, jumped, stood up or showed up! 

Welcome to our adventure, and here's to yours! 


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